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Software for tattoo artists that makes you grow your customers and your profits thanks to the viral system and its automation!

Try CRMTattoo for 15 days for free and already in this period earn extra 300-500 euros with tattoos following easy instructions that gives you the program!

Try CRMTattoo for free now!

If you are a tattoo artist or piercer with any level of experience

and would like to increase your earnings and enlarge your customers in a viral way and raise prices
CRMtattoo is right for you!

Lex de Gor

My name is Lex, I'm a tattoo artist

With my team of developers, we have created an advanced software for tattoo artists that:

  • automates and fixes a lot of processes within your studio,
  • virally expands the quantity of your customers,
  • creates an exceptional service for your customers

giving you the chance to do dedicate yourself entirely to your job and not worry about the rest!

Our other projects:

Online school in Italian to become a professional tattoo artist from scratch

Online school in English to become a professional tattoo artist from scratch

The most common problems of tattoo artists and how we solve them:

Missing customers

CRMTattoo has the referencing system and auto post on social viral that makes customers grow automatically

Insufficient Earnings

Present a client system, bonus, viral and online showroom give you more customers than you can serve, as a result raise prices

Difficulty advertising

every person who advertises you earns bonuses, consequently your audience promotes you

Difficulty of increasing prices

Bonus system, referenced and online showroom makes you gain many new customers, as a result you can raise prices to select the best customers

Customer management routine

we have mechanisms to create your customer base with archive, self-reports, automated reminders, lots of emails you can set up and so on.

Missed appointments

the self-help system of appointments with client self-confirmations and fines for those who don’t show up will solve this problem

Debtors that don’t pay

the automatic system of the management of debtors and self-reminders with penalties decrease to the maximum the unpaid bills

Customers ask for discounts

the present a client and bonus program rewards only active customers and those who spend more money, giving the rules and the concrete figures to count on discounts.

In the low season there is no work

the mass mailing system allows you to reactivate your customers and create promotions sending personalized emails to all of them

Try CRMTattoo for 15 days for free and in the meantime already gain 300-500 euros extra with tattoos following easy instructions that the program gives you!

Try CRMTattoo for free now!

What is CRM?

Today losing customers is unforgivable!

In today's world of high competition, your customers are your most valuable asset you have!

crm tattoo

What is CRM?

Who is this software for?

  • For you if you are a beginner tattoo artist or piercer with few customers
  • For you if you are a tattoo artist or piercer with experience and many customers
  • For you if you have a studio with more tattoo artists
  • For you if you are a tattoo artist who travels and wants to have customers everywhere!

How much does CRMTattoo allow you to earn more and save?

Viral posts on your customers' social networks increase the number of appointments by 34% already from the first month (from our statistics)

The present a client bonus program helps attract 10-20 new customers per month (from our statistics)

Customer bonuses program motivate them to come back and spend at least 29% more each month (from our statistics)

Thanks to the automatic reminders, the clients won’t miss any more their appointments and you will not lose this money every month

Thanks to the automatic reminders for debtors with the programmed fines, the unpaid debts decrease up to 5%

Savings on the cost of the assistant who no longer has to manage all appointments and all other data and the processes of your business

Do not waste more time sending messages, reminding, alerting, and marking lots of information, because the automatic system does everything for you!

In the low season you will earn twice as much as the past low seasons by reactivating all your customers using mass emailing.

Here’s what CRMTattoo will do for you::

These features will increase the number of your customers:

  • Programs for referenced with the bonus system
  • Viral postings on social networks of your customers with bonus systems
  • Advertising your online showroom (your public page)

These features will make you earn more money:

  • Referencing program which brings more customers, when you have too many customers - raise prices
  • Viral posts to bring more customers, when you can’t serve everyone - raise prices
  • Online showroom attracts new customers, too many requests - raise prices
  • Self-activation of old customers - other extra demands, bring prices up

These features automate your work:

  • Automatic notifications to your customers to come to appointments
  • Automatic reminders for you not to forget the important things of your business
  • Automatic e-mails that reach customers (set up and customized by you)
  • Self-confirmations of your costumer’s appointments that are approaching

These features will give you status and authority:

  • Online Showroom – it’s your public page with interactive features with customers
  • Automatic reminders show seriousness, punctuality of your service
  • Automatic e-mails to customers demonstrate the modernity of your business and status
  • Digital archive with all customer information and appointments (database) shows professionalism

These features will make your life as a tattoo artist easier:

  • Automatic e-mails to customers - once set up, they send themselves at the right time
  • Automatic notifications to customers are sent before appointments automatically
  • Automatic confirm - the system asks to confirm the presence of the customer at their appointment automatically
  • Base of information of your clients (database) gives you tips on how to better approach your client
  • Consumables - this option reminds you to buy the materials that are about to finish and tells you how much you consume them
  • You can check the prices and appointments from your online showroom and get the requests with the necessary data concerning the tattoos of the potential customer in automatic
  • All statistics on earnings, expenses, amount and hours of appointments and much more

These features will minimize your job losses:

  • Automatic reminders and automatic messages to debtors
  • Automatic reminders and self-confirmations of client’s appointments that are approaching
  • Self-report and self-notification of unreliable customers (black list)
  • CRMTattoo will remind you everything – so you won’t forget anything

Try CRMTattoo now for free for 15 days and use the features that will allow you to earn at least 300-500 euros more already in this trial period!

Start the free trial for 15 days!

Confirmation that we have a lot of experience in the tattoo industry.

I've been in the tattoo business since 2009, and since 2016 we've been teaching people all over the world how to become tattoo artists: from the technical side to how to promote their service and how to make the most of this profession.

We have hundreds of students in Italy and around the world and thousands online.

These are our projects

We have taught how to sell your own service, marketing, how to use different automation systems.

We have developed the method on how to be successful in the tattoo business and with all of our experience we have made it become our masterpiece - CRMTattoo

The main blocks of CRMTattoo and their benefits:


Section where you have all your current and potential customers with very detailed information about them with the archive of the appointments they have had with you


Section where you have all your appointments with detailed information on tattoos to be done and tattoos made with different types of appointments and archives

Present a client programs

Section that allows you to set and customize the rewards that your customers receive by bringing other customers to you

Bonus program

Section that allows you to set and customize rewards that your customers receive by spending a lot of money in your store

Online Showroom

It's your public page (mini website) that has all the information about your business and the possibility to ask for prices and make appointments online

Automatic Emailing

Section where you can set and edit different personalized emails that are sent to your customers for different reasons at the right time


Section where you can create, edit your appointments and view them in different ways, always having a clear overview on all your appointments


Section where you have all the statistics of your activity: earnings, expenses, working hours, appointments, costs of materials and many other parameters and search options


Section that helps you manage all your consumables, tells you when you need to buy them and how many materials you spend on tattoos

CRMTattoo is very easy! I'll show you!

These are all the features that CRMTattoo does automatically while you do your things:

  • Sends memos to your customers before the appointment and get confirmation
  • Sends messages to debtors
  • Sends a happy birthday to the customer with an offer
  • Asks the client about the healing of the tattoo after a certain period
  • Re-enables old customers with messages with offers
  • Calculates different types of bonuses for your customers
  • Creates viral posts to publish on social networks
  • Checks to see if you are reaching the goal you have planned
  • Sends you requests for prices and appointments in the system with full info
  • Creates different types of statistics with different filters
  • Archives all the data of the tattoos made and appointments
  • Notifies you what you need to do in order to improve your results

Maybe you have one of these questions FAQ

I do not have my own shop yet. Will CRMTattoo be useful for me too?

Sure! CRMTattoo binds to an artist, not to the studio, so even if you do not have the studio or you move from one place to another you can always use it and work with your customers all over the world!

I am a beginner tattoo artist. Can CRMTattoo help me the same?

Absolutely yes! In fact, CRMTattoo, with the integrated suggestions system will help you grow professionally and economically in the tattoo and piercing industry!

I make tattoos as a hobby. Can I use CRMTattoo as well?

Sure! CRMTattoo was created for anyone who wants to manage their clients for tattoos and piercings, even if they do it as a hobby and it doesn’t oblige anyone to open a studio.

How much does it cost to use CRMTattoo?

It depends on the package you choose. After the free 15-day TRIAL period, the STANDARD package is 49€ per month, GOLD is 247€ per month and PLATINUM is 299€ per month.

Can I import my contacts into CRMTattoo without doing it manually?

Absolutely yes! We have planned a feature for the importation of your existing contacts in the system to help you use CRMTattoo immediately, without doing the manual insertion process.

In which language does CRMTattoo work?

For the moment you can use CRMTattoo in English, Italian or Russian. All instructions within the system are also in English, Italian or Russian.

I am not good at using computers and programs, will it be difficult for me?

It's very easy! In fact, our main focus was to create a software that will be very easy to use for everyone, even those who have never used similar things.

If I have any problems using the program, will I get help?

Sure! Inside the software you have the "Assistance" area with an integrated chat where we will help you solve any problem you encounter during the use of CRMTattoo!

I don’t have a PC, can I use it from my phone or tablet?

Yes! We have provided the version for mobile phones and tablets, so CRMTattoo will always be with you, no matter where you are!

If I decide not to use the program anymore, I don’t have to pay anything later?

Sure! You have no obligation and if you decide not to use it anymore you don’t have to pay anything for the cancellation of the contract and various things. Just close it!

Why are we number 1 among the CRM for tattoo artists?

We are all tattoo artists with many years of experience, we know this industry from the inside.
Then we have 2 online schools to teach how to make tattoos and how to grow the activities of tattoo artists. We have taught online to hundreds and thousands of people.

By making our projects grow, we have learned how to make businesses grow, how to promote them, automate different processes, marketing, sales.

We know what the tattoo artists really want for their business, a lot of tattoo artists have participated in the creation of the CRMTattoo.

We are a combination of the TEACHERS, TATTOO ARTISTS, PROGRAMMERS and ENTREPRENEURS, this makes our CRMTattoo product invincible compared to the other similar systems.

The advantages of CRMTattoo in comparison to other programs

  • Extremely simple and intuitive
  • The system is mainly set up to make your earnings and the quality of your customers grow
  • It was created for tattoo artists and piercers with the assistance of many of our fellow tattoo artists, who helped to test it and make it better.
  • It has the double parallel registration system of appointments, as it really happens in the tattoo profession.
  • CRMTattoo is translated into several languages ​​(English, Italian, Russian) with instructions for use translated also in different languages ​​within the software
  • We have technical support within the software in several languages: English, Italian, Russian, French.
  • We give you your public page with interactive features for your customers (online showroom)

The cost for using CRMTattoo monthly

Choose your plan


  • Contacts
  • Appointments
  • Calendar
  • Bonuses
  • Debts
  • Shopwindow


  • Contacts
  • Appointments
  • Calendar
  • Bonuses
  • Debts
  • Shopwindow


  • Contacts
  • Appointments
  • Calendar
  • Bonuses
  • Debts
  • Shopwindow

Try CRMTattoo for 15 days for free and in the meantime already gain 300-500 euros extra with tattoos following easy instructions that the program gives you!

Try CRMTattoo for free now!

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